Just when I needed it, an opportunity came my way to get out of the city for a few days and visit a beach. My friend Charley and I will be taking a bus to Dumaguete and then taking a little side trip to Dauin for a couple of nights at the beach. I asked a friend in Dumaguete for some leads for something inexpensive but comfortable and near a beach and she suggested to go to Bong Bongo Divers, one of the better places to stay in Negros Oriental.


photo taken from the Bongo Bongo Divers webpage

It’s really a diver’s haven and I don’t dive but it’s a beach front and it’s walking distance to other resorts with nicer beach fronts and have affordable day rates if you just want to come in for the day to use that resort’s beach front, which is fine by me. I don’t know if Charley dives — I think she does — and she can go and dive if that’s her thing. I’ll stay in the beach and watch her stuff. As long as I can get into the ocean, I’ll be as happy as a clam.

I haven’t been to the beach this whole year and I always go to the beach at least once every year. Something about the salt water always rejuvenates me and makes me feel whole again. I don’t know. I’ve always had some sort of affinity to large bodies of water, especially sea water. I’ve always preferred the sea to a lake. But a lake will do just fine, really.

At this point, I just need to reconnect.

It’s Charley’s birthday this week but I only found out on the day of her birthday so we planned this as a sort of get away from it all sort of thing. She’s here in Bacolod too and not of her choosing, much like me. We have things that we had left behind in Manila but we have things to sort out here. Mine is more recovery and healing. Hers is more personal.

Bacolod is on another part of the island of Negros and it isn’t famous for its beaches. The eastern side, Negros Oriental, where Dumaguete and Dauin are located, is more known for its many beaches near the capital and dive sites and marine biodiversity. I am not a diver, but it would just be nice to see more of it. I’ve been to Dumaguete once and for a short trip only. I have some friends there but this is pretty much a fly-by-night operation. It’s really more for me and Charley to just hang out, reconnect, celebrate her birthday, and a chance to just change our scene for a few days.


taken in January 2015 (photo by Cez Golez)

There’s a lot of shit running in my head right now and I need to deal with it and get it out of my head. Working on so many things in my head and bogged down by so many random thoughts in my head and not counting all the news I’m processing as I’m trying to understand the world and how it is changing and how it’s affecting me and trying not to turn numb.

There’s just so much in my head right now and I need to get it out somehow. I’ve always found that getting into the water helps me do that. I’ve written in this blog how much I love the beach and how it soothes my mind, recalibrate the inner workings of what is really inside this body — if I’m corny enough to call it my soul or spirit — and make concrete decisions when I’m completely enveloped by the sea as I shut out the world around me and it’s just myself and my thoughts. It’s clarity. It’s a moment where I can just be.

The year is almost ending and I can’t believe I haven’t had an opportunity to get into the water considering what had happened to me.

This is a welcomed getaway and I just need to get on this trip.

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