Things I’ve Always Wanted: a Kate Bush live album

Over the years, I’ve discovered that my eclectic musical tastes have always veered primarily to women artists (with the exception of David Bowie, and only lately, Tom Waits). I love my music intense and dramatic and something I can sing along to. And each time I fall in love with a song, I immediately wait for the live version to come out on YouTube and eagerly await a live album and usually pick that up. More often than not, I always prefer the live version to the original.


Image from the show (taken from

Of all the musical artists I’ve heard (probably not as much as others), Kate Bush is my absolute favorite. I have all her albums. I listen to them constantly. She and David Bowie are probably my only idols.

But after her first tour in 1979, Kate Bush has not toured and has remained a recording star throughout her whole career, with the exception of some live television performances to promote an album.

I thought I’d never get to have a Kate Bush live album in my iTunes. And then I heard the news the other day: her incredible sold out shows at the Hammersmith Apollo will be released as a live recording called Before the Dawn and it will be out on November.

November will be magic again.

Kate to release the live album “Before the Dawn” (link / Fish People)

I’ve already pre-ordered the digital album. Looking at the track listing, I’m losing my mind! It has all of The Ninth Wave, the side-b of her phenomenal hit Hounds of Love album. It also has all of A Sky of Honey, the side-b of her phenomenal come back album Aerial. These are songs I’ve loved and listened to so many times.

And she also sings Cloudbursting, Hounds of Love, and Never Be Mine. These are also favorites of mine. I couldn’t be happier. I really, really couldn’t be any happier than hearing about this.

I hope she comes back with another follow up to 50 Words for Snow. I hope this is just a taste for more music to come. She’s not yet done. I’m sure of it. She still has so much more to give us and I’ll be there, eagerly waiting for any new release.

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