Signal Boosting: Musical Theatre Masterclass with Michael Lavine

Signal boosting for some friends:


It’s really a great time for Philippine theater. I saw on Facebook a friend posting that there are over twelve shows open next week and that is not counting the college productions. Twelve shows! It’s amazing. Everyone in theater are just jumping from one project to the next without having to look for work in-between. Others are taking a break, resting, recharging before they will be off to yet to start a new show after this run of shows begin. There’s no moment for them to be afraid if there will be work waiting for them when their vacation is done. It’s happening for them. So much work for theater people and it’s awesome.

And better still, the theater actors are getting recognized and are being brought in to show business. They are being requested to do character roles in primetime television shows and movies. Their talent and skills are being recognized and more and more viewers are getting interested in them. In turn, they are heading out to the theatre to see where these actors “were discovered.”

I’m not that familiar with Michael Lavine or his work but my friends who are working on this project with Trumpets says he is one of the best. And as we continue to do more and more musicals (and quite a lot of good original Filipino musicals), it’s an amazing opportunity to work with some foreign talent to expand and broaden our world and artistic approaches.

Interested parties should check out the details on the poster above and sign up now while the opportunity is present. Because the Philippine theater industry is getting better and better and it’s an exciting time to be doing what you love.



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