am back (a sort of homecoming post)

It didn’t take me long to unpack my stuff. One month in Manila and all the clothes I had brought with me (quite a few of them I only got to use once) went back up to their shelves and the closet where I first took them out just a month and a week ago. They tidied up my room when I was gone (and because my brother stayed here and used my room for two nights), so it looked pretty neat. All my things that I brought with me to Manila found a spot where they all just fit right in.

I’m back but I’m not yet home. It didn’t really take me long to get back into the groove of Manila. I was raised there, spent over thirty years feeling the pulse of the city and many, many people that I love are there. The condominium of my brother that I was staying at was empty and it took me a couple of hours to get that place up-and-running again. Got new gallons of water for the dispenser, listening to the electricity flowing back into the outlets when I switched the circuit board back on.

But in less time than that, I felt centred and ready for anything.

Before I even unpacked today, when I got back to Bacolod, I visited my brother’s room and we did a quick catch up session. One of the kittens, Harley, wasn’t very friendly, as I expected her to be. Afterwards, I went up to my Mom’s room and hung out with her for awhile. We played catch up and I brought her some of the things she asked me to buy from Manila.

I went to the kitchen to hang out there and Bentley was there and he was so happy to see me, I think. He let me pet him and stroke him and then, he climbed up on my lap when I sat on the floor and just turned over so I could stroke him all over. It was funny. He was in total surrender.

He’s so much bigger now. He doesn’t seem like a kitten anymore but like a cat who’s a teen-ager. Is that even a thing? Are they just kittens and cats? What about that period in-between?

The Internet is slower here. It’s been made painfully clear just the moment I got back. I got quite a thing with Snapchat and Instagram Stories and now they don’t load as quickly. Not just on the 3G or the LTE but on the Internet as well. The light is different here. Everything just seems to be slowing down.

Except for me.

I won’t let this feeling get to me. I brought home work to do. I have scripts to write. I have things on my plate and I can’t wait to get started. I’ve caught up with my family. They have some places they want me to see tomorrow.

But when it’s me time, I’m going to write up a storm like nobody’s business.

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