The No Filter book launch!

Would you believe I really did mean to blog here but I never got to because I got really busy? Several days before the launch, we got busy getting things done and ready. We even found time — Toff de Venecia, Sab Jose, and myself — to sit down with Paolo Valenciano, who we ask to read one of the newer monologues. It had never been read aloud, it was untried, but it was the best thing to read out during the launch. Paolo, being such a professional, wanted to go through the process. It was just a reading but he wanted to inject it with a performance.


It’s not often a Filipino play makes it into a book so soon after it runs. We are so proud of this work and to finally hold this book in our hands means everything to us.

Going through the motions of actioning, a process Toff taught us and which we used during both runs of No Filter, and discussing the piece with Paolo as he began to interpret it in a performance made me miss the show so much. It made me miss the process of interpreting text unto a performance with incredible and emotionally open actors.

It was a sweet taste of what had come before.

We launched the book last Thursday at Frank and Dean, a coffee shop at the Bonifacio Global City. We arrived earlier to set up and get everyone ready and one by one, the cast and the crew arrived and it was our reunion. We were so excited to see each other. So much has happened since we closed the show to each one of us and it was so weird that exactly one year ago we were rehearsing and preparing the second run of No Filter. We were telling each other how much we missed each other but I noticed we all just slipped back into our old comfort and ease with each other. It’s as if we hadn’t left.

The book looks great. The new monologues are great and we had a great time coming back together to present it to the world.

Aside from my editor-at-large contribution to the book, my work as headwriter (along with Jam Pascual) and my work as dramaturge is given credit on this, as well as a monologue I had written, which made it to both runs of No Filter. I am just so proud of this work.

No Filter, the book, is now available in bookstores nationwide and it is published by Summit Publishing.


The cast, production, and artistic team of No Filter and No Filter 2.0


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