I’m a city boy

I didn’t realize how little I’ve blogged this month. With my cousin’s wedding at the end of July, my brother and his family visiting for a week, and the writer’s workshop, I was just exhausted. When everything was said and done, I spent any time I could just lying down and gathering strength because I was heading back to Manila for a month.

When I got here, I took it easy. I gave myself two whole days to settle back in my brother’s condominium and to just rest and re-acclimate. On Friday, I had my first meeting for the main reason why I came here, which is the No Filter book launch next week. Since it was a Friday and the rains were pouring so strong, I stayed at the Fort and hung out with my good friend Paolo Lorenzana and waited until the traffic eased up and the rains had settled into a comfortable drizzle.

We hadn’t spoken one-on-one in a year and it was really, really good to catch up again and to observe how much we’ve changed. I’m so happy for him.


this picture was taken in Bacolod some time around 2013… But I’ve been doing a lot of that here in Manila in-between the hustle

Saturday was spent taking it easy again and relaxing and then yesterday was spent with family.

This week is going to be challenging. I’ve been very strict about my schedule, making sure to have only one thing planned per day. Tals is visiting from Madrid and I have to make sure I see her while she’s here. She lives in the South, though, so that’s going to be a trek and I just have to make sure that I’ll survive the commute. So, those things are planned.

So, that’s why it’s been tough to keep blogging. On the opposite end of the spectrum, from not having anything to write about to finally living again and having so much to talk about, blogging is the act that always seems to suffer on both ends of that spectrum.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, in this case.

It’s good to be back. It’s good to be engaged again with things and people and rapid fire conversations about the world and myself and what it is we do. Yes, this city is crazy and scary and difficult but it is here that I get the best input from the people around me and I have an avenue to put it out. This is where my ideas have an audience and this is where my ideas come together and are nurtured and developed.

There’s art here and theater and good movies and fast internet and no brownouts (right now, I am staying at my brother’s condominium), and strong water pressure, and things I need just walking distance away. My friends are here ready to discuss the latest issues circulating contemporary culture, and making plans of changing the world through art. The world is changing and we are not afraid to look at it as objectively as possible, as we are able to, and adjust to the changes of the times and to try to figure out why these changes are happening. It feels so cutting edge as compared to my life in the province.

It’s so exciting to be back. It feels as modern as it can be.

I’m a city boy, what can I say?

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