No Filter (the book)

I’ve teased about it, I think. Made mention that we were cooking something up; we being the lovely guys and gals of The Sandbox Collective, the cast and artistic team of No Filter, and Summit Books.

And now we can finally talk about it.

It’s the main reason why I flew back to Manila. I wanted to be here, at the launch because this book and this show means everything to me. It opened my eyes to the way I want to work and to the way I have to let things go, creatively, and put more of myself in my work.

Working on No Filter was a landmark moment in my creative pursuits. This is something that I just can’t let go of easily and I probably never will.

The book looks great, I think, and we’ve added a couple of new pieces in it. There are two that I’m really excited about.

I’m coming in, though, as an editor-at-large. Being in Bacolod, I couldn’t do much of the leg work, but I was consulted over the book’s content and I got to see the submissions and gave comments and edits. I was merely consulting because I wasn’t here in Manila during the production phase.

I would have wished to have been more involved editorially but at least I know I was able to put in some of my insights and I was able to work on two new pieces directly with the author.

And, my piece called Confession is part of the book, as it had been performed on No Filter 2.0, which is a better version than the one performed in the first run.

It’s a very personal piece and quite scary to put out there. It’s probably one of the scariest pieces I’ve put out there with my name on it.

I’m so proud of this. A year later, we’re coming out with a book, and meeting up with Sab Jose and Toff de Venecia, it seems we are all decided that we aren’t yet done and that play still has legs and can still push forward for maybe one or two more versions or updates (or however you want to call it).

This is what we’ve got and we can’t wait for you guys to have a piece of No Filter with you, in your homes.

No Filter will be available in bookstores nationwide beginning August 18 and is published by Summit Books.


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