something brewing (a No Filter post)

This month, we’re going to be launching something and it’s definitely directly connected to The Sandbox Collective’s play No Filter. The cast is excited, the creative team is excited, all the writers are excited, the crew is excited, and our new collaborators are so excited and we really can’t wait to share with you the big news and what we’ve got in store.


The cast of No Filter 2.0 at the press launch for our second set of shows last year

What is it exactly? Is it a new run? Well, I am still not at liberty to say, that’s for sure, but it’s pretty big and it’s pretty major and we really can’t wait to see you guys again at this launch.

This show opened up a lot of us in a lot of different ways and we are very, very attached to this work. The response we got after every show of No Filter helped validate the months we spent putting each show together and really bonded us as more than just a team, we became a family. Until now, we still get in touch, hang out, and support each other in all our endeavours outside of the play. Being able to do something as No Filter is just awesome because it’s, like, we can be a community together again — us, our audience, and our message.

We can’t wait to tell you what we’ve got in store so keep watch on this space and all the other social media accounts that we all hold. We think you’d be happy to hear what we’ve got to say. One year later, and we’re still producing something and we hope you take to it the way you did our show.


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