the good kind of sore

I went dancing at my cousin’s wedding. It was my first time to really dance again. There I was with my family — my sister-in-law, my cousins, my brother, and all my cousin’s guests — and we were underneath the lights and moving to the beat. And it felt wonderful.

my cousin Aio, Yciar, and me goofing around at the reception, taking a breath from dancing

It felt great to be moving again. And once I started, I didn’t really stop until my brother said, “Let’s go home.”

I allowed myself to perspire. And it was such a wonderful feeling to not be afraid of getting sweaty.

And I danced and it was so liberating.

And the next day, I woke up sore all over. My body aches and I remembered I didn’t stretch. After nine months of pretty much an inert and sedentary life, my body began moving again. It’s two days now since the wedding and my body is still sore.

But it’s the good kind of sore. It’s the kind of feeling that tells me I’m alive and everything is possible again.


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