Werewolf on Telegram


image just found online on Google search

So my friends got me into Telegram so I could join them in this in-app game called Werewolf. And I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome. Everyone that’s online on Telegram can start a game and everyone is assigned roles and every turn, you can do actions based on your role while the wolf can go and kill someone. Afterwards, the game tells you who was killed (or not) and you have to decide who is the werewolf and lynch someone.

It’s quite fun and really enjoyable and I have found myself constantly checking Telegram to see who is online. You need at least five players to start a game and you can have a maximum of 35 and I can just imagine the chaos that happens when you have 35 players.

It’s quite fun and I am really enjoying playing it. My friends are crazy and the jokes are being thrown left and right. I haven’t been able to play with a group of more than eight people but just playing with any four of my friends is already a blast.

One day, I hope that all 17 of the people in the thread will be online to play. That will be just killer.

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