today, I’m a bed

So my Dad decided to get a kitten. He wanted a kitten in the house and he wanted one that would be used to living inside and used to humans. We have lots of cats but they grew up in the yard and sometimes they come in and sometimes they hang out with us, but more often than not, they prefer to do their own thing.

And that’s fine with me but my Dad would have none of it. Not when Bernadette was such a loving cat, who liked being petted and stroked.

So he got a kitten and we named him Bentley.


This beautiful little purring machine is Bentley, and he has decided that I am his bed.

He’s adorable. He’s half-Persian and half-Tongkinese, which is a breed I am not familiar with. He’s very loving and very affectionate and he wants a lot of attention but he’s also playful. He has a lot of character and I can tell that he’s going to be a very welcome distraction in the house.

We all love him dearly and since I was the one who brought him home and stayed with him when he first got here while my Dad went out to buy the kitty litter and the food and water bowl, I stayed with him and bonded with him and made him comfortable in his new surroundings. I was practically with him from 4pm until 10pm last night.

This morning, he was outside my Dad’s room and he was bothering everyone. No one could work because they all had to stop what they were doing to play with him. Since I woke up, it was my turn, so I brought him to my room and just let him explore. I set up my pillows on the floor and laid down so he could see me and he ran up to me, climbed up and just settled there on my chest.

He slept on my chest for about forty minutes.

Today, I was a bed for this little purring machine. I am absolutely in love with him.

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