a temporary poetry embargo

I know I use this space to put out poem drafts that I’m currently working on. I think that its good to give a poem some breath, a chance at life, before going back to fixing it. Leaving it in a document folder in my laptop just doesn’t seem to give it necessary wings.

Many of my work that’s posted here are drafts of poems. It gives them space to stretch out their wings before I go and work on them some more and sometimes the revisions are minor — line cutting, punctuations, a word change here and there — while others are major, like when only four lines are kept and the rest changes completely around it.

Many of the poems that are found here that made it to Remnants had minor revisions. They were too close to the subject matter and supported the overall concept of what I was trying to do for that entire collection for me to do major overhauls. I just worked on the ones that needed some adjustments or trimmings.

But the other poems here have gone through major changes. Big ones. And I’ll continue doing these to the existing pieces because, well, that’s the process I’ve chosen for myself at this point in time.

But I’ve discovered that as I am looking at journals and websites for publication that many of them require unpublished work, which includes websites and blogs. Putting my poems up here, even an older version of the work, may cause difficulties later on in getting published and since I’m in the process of recovering, I want to take this opportunity to getting published in different journals and sending work to competitions.

I think it’s a necessary course to establish myself as a poet outside of this blog and outside my circles of friends and family.

So I won’t be posting poems here for awhile as I venture to try and get my work published outside and I’ll just be posting if any get accepted. Hopefully I do.

Positive/Negative will become more a personal blog and I’ll be posting less and less poems here, except once in a while, when I just want to get a feeling out that I have no plans of really working on to become a full poem. Not all the poems have to become professional ones, after all.

At the end of the day, poetry can be a personal experience, right?

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