on Britain leaving the EU

They said the year of the Fire Monkey was going to be a year of radical change. I didn’t think it was going to be this radical and drastic. So many things have been happening on a global scale that it is so hard to keep up. The Fire Monkey is delivering on his promise and we must all keep up with the changing times or we can be swallowed up by all of this.

I woke up this morning and found that the decision over #Brexit, the referendum vote for Britain to remain in the EU or to leave it, was announced and it seems the majority voted and decided to leave the European Union.

I was quite shocked. Mostly because I knew it was happening but I didn’t read up on it too much, focusing on other things — swept up by the whole Orlando shooting and the gun control battle at the US Congress and the political situation here at home as we are transitioning from one president to the next — that I didn’t keep up with the news.

I had to quickly start catching up on the whole situation just to stay educated and informed and I came across several articles that gave me an understanding of the scope of the whole business.

Britain plays with fire, gets burned (link / The Boston Globe)

The world is going to change again. How? I won’t even pretend that I have enough knowledge about geo-politics to guess. All I know is that, currently, the stock market all over the world is going insane, I’m reading a lot of things about how this move was triggered by fear, racism, and xenophobia, and the whole world seems really shaken up about the whole thing.

The world is changing at break-neck speeds and I am seeing a lot of ignorance and hate and anger coming out of the woodwork. A lot of these massive changes are revealing the tides of power, who is angry and why, and who is trying to make a profit and how. I don’t have all the details yet and I still have a lot to learn but it seems the world needs to turn over its head first before it finds it balance again.

I just hope that we can survive it all and make the world a better place afterwards.

That the lessons we will learn from these strange, dark, and confusing days will not be forgotten over the years as we have over the past few decades. There’s so much to learn from this. Let us learn them. Identify who are angry and why. Identify who are working with wrong information and find out how to give them the right ones. Why is there so much anger and fear and racism and xenophobia?

Instead of pointing fingers, let’s find out how we got to this point and how we can better the situation. I’m done with feeling frustrated.

We can do something, right?

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