Swords to Plowshares

I saw this article last night and it really resonated with me.

Artist Melted Weapons of War to Make Shovels for Tree Planting (link / Inhabitat)

The article, written by Brit Liggett, talks about how artist Pedro Reyes collected over a thousand and five hundred guns from residents of Culiacan in Mexico, melted these, and turned them into shovels to help the local botanical garden.

Reyes is an artist who focuses on the failures of modern culture in a positive way. He doesn’t believe in failures really, but that failure is the outcome of a certain perception. He takes things that people often see as broken and shows them in a new light. “If something is dying, becoming rotten and smelly, I think there is a chance to make a compost in which this vast catalog of solutions can be mixed in an entirely new way,” he told BOMB Magazine. In Palas por Pistolas he was aiming to show “how an agent of death can become an agent of life.”

From the article, written by Brit Liggett

I’ve always thought this, really. A world without guns. The world was already a dangerous place in the dark ages before they discovered firearms. Not everybody could wield a sword or an axe effectively and the idea of might over right would still try to assert itself into the world, but it would be much harder, in my opinion, in this day and age.

Imagine a world where all wars had to be fought hand-to-hand or in close quarters. How many people would have the stomach for that sort of thing? And you’ll easily find more defenders than attackers, for sure.

I don’t like guns. It’s meant for killing. Why would we make anything that makes it so easy to kill another person?

I’ve been reading comments on articles about gun control and looking at both sides of the argument. The ones that interest me, in favour of keeping guns, are those people who have talked about using their guns to kill wild hogs or some other animal that come in large numbers to attack crops. This was a comment from a person in Australia. I have no argument against that. Build a larger, tougher fence? I wouldn’t know if that even works. I don’t know that reality.

But when you look at the amount of mass shootings that has happened in Australia (none since 1996 after they banned assault and semi-automatic weapons after a violent and horrible mass shooting) it sort of gives you an idea that Australia seems to not have a culture of gun violence.

Again, I don’t live in Australia. There are probably some altercations here and there involving small hand guns — but not enough for me to have heard about it. I have been to Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide for a week in each city and people were walking around at night, even alone, and everyone felt safe and relatively secure.

At the time I was in Melbourne, it had the honour of being the second most safe city to live in. I looked around me and it felt it.

People all over the world are calling for peace, are asking for it, but we keep making weapons of war. We keep making weapons that kill.

When will this end?

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