Soon Love Soon (Vienna Teng)

there’ll be a fire burning in the temple of our peace

there’ll be a soaring voice for our silent please

— Soon Love Soon by Vienna Teng

I’ve been rendered inert, practically, by this whole mess. There’s been a lot of introspection — and I found myself feeling so much guilt for having taken my freedoms for granted — and also a lot of observation into the world around me. I feel like I’ve somehow managed to traverse a chasm that was far too wide for me to jump across with what I know and have experienced.

I have spent many of my moments online, speaking with friends and talking of my pain and sharing my hope, and in my quiet moments alone, I would struggle and grapple with the harsh realities that have assaulted me about this world.

I have asked myself and a friend why it is so easy for me to write a verbose poem draft filled with flowery language about men who I may not have even really loved but I can’t seem to find the words to talk about the horrors of this tragedy. And why is it that when faced with something so horrible and tragic, the words have failed me?

we will find illumination in unnatural light

you will travel miles without leaving my sight

we will find we never knew hatred could run so deep

such a wide wide chasm of faith to leap

— Soon Love Soon by Vienna Teng

I’ve read so much and opened the videos of news articles and the hosts of comedy talk shows to try and get more perspective and to help me process. I’ve gone through the comments section of all these links online and spoke about this with my parents and friends.

A friend told me to write about it for the paper and it got me thinking that I don’t think that I had the words. But they are forming as my hearts melt day in and day out since the night of the tragedy.

I’m angry but not as angry as I was last Monday early morning when the news of the Orlando massacre came to my attention. Hope and reason has managed to find its way and its resounding within me somehow and forming words.

Then, this song returns to me:

I haven’t heard it in a long time but it’s one that I could sing along to if I ever heard it again. And I scoured YouTube for a wonderful live version and discovered that Vienna Teng would ask her audience to sing along to create that full sound needed to make the song work and it is beautiful.

All those voices singing along and it sounds like hope.

and we will be as one god

and we will be as one people

— Soon Love Soon by Vienna Teng

I know that if at least one voice stands out above the crowd that pleads for hope then the fight isn’t over. I know that if we stay strong and keep marching that eventually the walls that oppress us will eventually fall. I know that if we keep dancing and singing and loving openly and with truth and respect for everyone that we would never have to justify doing these things ever again.

Soon, love, soon.

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