it’s been a year since

So this showed up on my TimeHop:


Artwork by Ross Du

It is one of the teaser posters for social media for No Filter. It’s been a year now since we were rehearsing and preparing for the play that changed all our lives. It’s quite emotional as we have become real good friends over the year and we still keep in touch and we still gather and meet up.

I’ve never been a part of anything so powerful before. I am still friendly to many people that I’ve worked with but over the years, our lives have taken trajectory and we don’t see each other as often as we did and we don’t share the same lives. But the friends I’ve made in No Filter, we have managed to cling to our similarities to keep us tight and close and we have managed to use our difference to enhance and enrich each other’s lives.

It’s a really strong bond, I think, and it is very new to me because I don’t remember having gone through it before. Yes, I’ve met Cez because of work but our friendship grew outside of it organically; and really, it’s the kind of person that Cez is. It’s just strange, because we have No Filter that really put us together but it isn’t the glue that keeps our friendship whole.

I really have to give props to Toff for putting this amazing team together. He knew what he was doing when he chose the people who would join the mix.

And now, something is brewing which we can’t wait to unveil soon. It’s coming up. Just wait for it but we’ve got news and it’s pretty major, I think.

So just wait for it.


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