cat people

So I’ve become a cat person, like, in a major way.

We had cats before, back in the 90s. My sister got one but she was a neurotic psycho and she particular loved to attack me. I was her favourite target. The other cat jumped in our pick-up when nobody was looking as it was picking up my sister from UP. They had come home and she jumped out and became part of the family, though she stayed outside a lot and turned the neighbourhood into her playground.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.15.24 PM

This morning’s cuddle session with Meryl

This was in the nineties and when we had moved out and into condominium living, the house cat had already passed away and the other cat went her own way. It’s like she new we were leaving and she would come home less and less.

Cat seem to know things that way.

Almost twenty years later, and I’m here in Bacolod and we’ve got cats living with us. I arrived here and the strays that my parents took in had just given birth so they were kittens when I first got here. And then the other cat gave birth and we sent that one to the farm and I got to see these kittens grow up.

They are getting bigger and bigger and they are developing personalities and they are getting used to it by now. The little ones still run away, though I’m slowly managing to seduce one into allowing us to pet it. He’s not as frightened as he used to be. Some times, he’ll even let me carry him.

But the other two — Adele and Meryl — grew up with us and while they primarily stay outside, we’ve been trying to get them to come inside. There was a third, Bernadette, but she passed away and she was very, very loving. We didn’t need to goad her to come inside or to just lie with us and cuddle. She would do it so willingly.

But Adele and Meryl need a little work and so I’ve been letting them into the house everyday, just so that they get used to the place and they enjoy a little adventure, their curiosity sending them running all over the place.

Sometimes, I can get Meryl to join me in bed and we’d snuggle but unlike Bernadette, she won’t stay. She’ll leave to explore, come back for some affection, leave again, and then meow until I bring her back downstairs.

It’s a slow process but one I’m enjoying every moment of it. The cats are lovely and they are so amusing. I can just sit down and watch them be all curious and the like. At some point, Adele or Meryl will approach me and they will mark me by rubbing themselves against me or they’ll want me to pet them and then they’ll go away.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.16.39 PM

Stubbs and Rocket when they were still kittens

It’s such a lovely thing. And today, Junior, one of the little ones, ran inside when I left the door open for Meryl and Adele and he had some fun running around and exploring. When I finally brought him outside, he attacked the screen door trying to get back in. He even pleaded for me to let him back with his meowing.

Baby steps, little Junior. Very soon, you won’t run when I come to you to pet you and you will walk casually into the door rather than dart in like a bullet so I wouldn’t touch you. It’s called seduction. It’s slow but it’s so much fun.

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