Ring the bells that still can ring

I’ve been listening to Tom Waits a lot but I’ve now shifted my focus on the songs of Leonard Cohen. I don’t remember what caught my attention or how I suddenly went there but I did and I’ve rediscovered his music and his incredible, magnificent lyrics.

My Dad and I fell in love with this song,  Anthem, as it was sung by Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen. I think that’s how I rediscovered Cohen’s work. I was waiting for my Dad to get ready so we could watch a movie or a television show and I slipped in the DVD of Leonarda Cohen: I’m Your Man tribute concert with the intention of listening to Antony Hegarty’s version of If It Be Your Will, which was my favourite track in that DVD.

But then we heard this:

And we were floored. I remembered liking that song but not like this. Not like how I feel about it now.

And today, I went to my Dad’s room and made him listen to all these covers of Leonard Cohen songs I found on Spotify and we chose which songs we wanted to buy from iTunes to add to our list.

What an amazing songwriter he is! Poets really make the great lyricists. The rhymes are effortless and the meaning just hits you like a speeding train. I’m still stunned.

And I decided to check out Perla Batalla’s own discography and found some really amazing Spanish songs that my Dad and I related so well to and then I found a version of Dimming of the Day (which is a song my Dad absolutely loves) by Tom Jones and I got that as well.

And strangely enough, I searched for Pink Floyd covers but I have to say, nobody does Pink Floyd better than Pink Floyd. I found a lot of covers but none worth buying. Wish You Were Here is still one of my favourite songs.

And to think I did all of that and still wrote four sequences of a film I’m putting together. Not a bad day’s work, I must say. An afternoon very well spent!

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