Remnants copy

Remnants cover art by Christina Dy and photographed by Cecile Golez — available in online retailers like Kobo, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Flipreads

My book, Remnants, has slowed down in sales considerably at the beginning of the year. I was selling about five or six copies a month and then when 2016 came, it totally stopped completely. I expected as much. Poetry doesn’t have a huge market and I’m practically a nobody. I thought it was going to do better than having sold less than a hundred copies but I was told it was the fastest moving and best selling poetry title in Flipreads, my publisher. When they told me that, my mouth dropped.

Obviously, poetry really isn’t a big seller at all unless you’re someone. I was hoping for better but I’m not surprised nor am I heartbroken. It was a shot at the dark if it was anything and I know self-publishing means marketing yourself and I’m not very good at that.

So I’m working towards a memoir, a real one this time, and The Thin Man is coming together. It has poetry but it will also have essays and short biographical pieces, and I’m planning on publishing some e-mails I sent out that would be relevant for the book. It will be a meatier read and I’m hoping that would do a lot better. I’m hoping to at least sell over a hundred copies, anyway. I hope my story will be something that people would want to read.

I’m working on it. It’s coming slowly. The poems are all there and I’ve already identified the e-mails that will help tell this story, this chapter of my life that I think people will be interested to read about and the lessons I’ve learned from it.

But I’m itching to publish new work. It’s almost been a year since Remnants came out and I want to put something out. I’m getting impatient. So I’m thinking of putting out another collection of poems — a shorter book and less thematic — just to keep me out there and to keep producing work. I was thinking of a small chapbook of poems and even making it a free book and seeing how that goes. Maybe if people didn’t have to spend money for it, they’ll take a look and if they like what they’ll see, they’ll give Remnants a try.

It’s to buy me more time before I can get The Thin Man ready. I’m happier now. I’m more together and I’ve come to terms with what has happened to me and I think that’s a good place to be when I start writing the real fleshy parts of the memoir.

I don’t know. I just want to put stuff out again. Maybe a collection of my Twitter poems and the poems I’ve written on Instagram would be enticing. I don’t know. I just want to put something out.

We’ll see. I should start looking back at what I’ve got out there and in my computer and see if I can stitch something together while The Thin Man is slowly taking shape.


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