I feel like I’m dancing on the beach at sunset and the sky is on fire but it isn’t as bright as the radiance of my soul; and the thing about sunsets? There’s always a sunrise that follows. (Taken at Bataan last January 2015 by Cez)

Something happened to me in Manila. I came back and I feel different. Recharged. I looked at myself in the mirror earlier today and I just smiled because I thought I looked happy. I thought I was radiating some level of joy. I’m feeling so much better. I’m filled with so much hope.

I got to see my friends again, a lot of them anyway, and this energised me. And they seemed very, very happy to see me. And it gave me renewed impetus to get better, to get stronger, and to not give up because I wanted to be back there and be with them and it seemed that was what they wanted to.

And I was there for just ten days and I had three career opportunities made available to me. They know my story, they know what I can do, and they know of my condition and it doesn’t bother them. They want me to work with them and they want me to work with them and I wanted to work with them too. My life didn’t stop. It’s just waiting for me to get better and moping around, sulking, whining isn’t going to help me get better.

I want to get better. There’s so many things I want to do. There’s so many things I can still do.

I’m recharged. I’m renewed. I’m ready. I’m ready to get better and get well again.


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