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So I just saw Captain America: Civil War yesterday and I have to say, it’s probably my favourite comic book movie ever. I saw it yesterday with my brother and after the film, we had to geek out on it and we talked about it for about three or four hours and then I got on Facebook so I could chat with my two other geek friends, DC and Lance, and we geeked about it for another two or three hours. And then I went to sleep and I woke up and I still wanted to geek about it.

It was just so good. I felt like a kid again. I was excited and thrilled and I was surprised and it met certain expectations and turned over other expectations over its head and made it work. I was laughing and cheering and really invested in what was going on. It’s how I wanted a comic book superhero movie to make me feel.

Read my review here: This Is How You Do It: a review of Civil War (link /


Found this photo online, thinking it was from Captain America: Civil War, but it’s from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Damn. I wanted to use this photo because Chris Evans looks amazing in it. He really makes Captain America, a character I’ve never liked in the comic books, work.

Not mentioned in my review is how much I loved, loved, loved this movie and I could really talk and talk about all the things I enjoyed about this movie. I’m a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson and the way that Black Widow has been portrayed starting from Avengers until this film has been stellar. And Scarlett Johansson makes it work. I also love Elizabeth Olsen and I love this reimagining of Wanda Maximoff and the way she’s used in this film is also just outstanding.

I’ve been impressed with Anthony Mackie since I first took notice of him in Captain America: Winter Soldier and I’ve seen him in other movies and I’ve been more and more impressed by his range and his work and I love the fact that Falcon is not a Captain America side-kick. He’s a friend and he’s Cap’s teammate. And this reimagining of Falcon is so cool. It’s such a far cry from what I remember Falcon to be from the comic books I’ve read.

What’s also amazing about it is while we were all geeking out on the bad-assery of this whole movie, we also spent a good chunk of time debating about the Sokovia Accord, which is the moral and ethical dilemma that is the crux of Civil War. This just wasn’t a movie showing off these superheroes in the most cool way possible, there was a serious ethical and moral question that was being presented and for a film to be able to be fun and funny, exciting and thrilling, and surprising and thought-provoking is truly a gem.

At the same time, the Russo brothers delivered a full team of heroes on opposing sides, giving each one their due but still making it a Captain America movie. And this is where Chris Evans is masterful. Yes, it’s a comic book superhero movie, but this Captain America is so symbolic and is such a force of nature that if the actor couldn’t pull it off, the whole plot and theme would seem corny or over-the-top. Instead, Chris Evans manages to ground and anchor the whole film and allows it to retain its gravitas without losing any of its “cool factor.”

Did I like this film? Very, very much. I haven’t had this much fun in the cinema since the first time I saw Jurassic Park on the big screen. This is how you make a superhero movie.


If it isn’t obvious, I’m #TeamCap. I’d follow Captain America into the heart of darkness if he said he knew we could do good. The way he’s been written so far, this is a man I could trust.

And for the record, if it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m Team Cap. And it’s not because Chris Evans is gorgeous. It’s because the way Captain America has been written in all the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is man I believe in. This is a man I trust in doing what is right.

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