The Jungle Book: Respect for the Jungle (review)

I saw The Jungle Book yesterday and I was so impressed by the film. It was another one of those films I thought I wasn’t going to like but I saw it anyway because my Dad wanted to see it. I could have waited for a DVD, to be honest, but I’m so happy I got to see it at the cinema. It was really wonderful.

Check out my review here: The Jungle Book: Respect for the Jungle (link /


The Jungle Book was way better than I gave it credit for — smart, fun, thrilling, and most importantly, it had so much respect for the material and the majesty of the jungle

I am not the biggest fan of Jon Favreau but I am now after watching this film. It was everything that I didn’t even know I wanted from a new The Jungle Book adaptation and I was enjoying myself the whole time.

It was never cute for cute’s sake and it never veered towards unnecessary gimmicks to try and reach the lowest common denominator. You could see all the areas where it could have been cheesy or overblown in its comedy but it never went there and I truly appreciated it.

And all the animals were so gorgeously rendered and imagined that they were beautiful, even cute, but also deadly and dangerous. I’ll die if they ever release life-sized stuffed toys of these characters because I’d want them all. Imagine having a huge Baloo stuffed toy the size of the actual Baloo? Talk about a bear hug!

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