another useless “it’s so hot” post

wang laughing

This is my natural, preferred state — look how dark I was from sunbathing! (I think this photo was taken sometime in 2006)

It has been hot. I’m usually a summer kid. Born, designed, and built specifically for the tropics. I have really thin skin so I hate the cold. I go nuts when I’m a room with A/C for too long. I don’t use the A/C all year round in my room. I don’t mind perspiring and my favourite thing in the world is being at the beach, under the sun, perspiring my ass off before jumping into the sea.

I was born for tropical living.

But this summer is so intense. It’s been so hot that even I’m complaining. I am not hungry during lunch and during the rest of the day I’m lethargic and I just lay in bed wishing the heat away. It’s hard to concentrate and I’m just trying to not expend energy so that my body doesn’t heat up and I start perspiring because of this bloody catheter.

But today, it’s drizzling. I can’t see a patch of sky through the clouds, I hear thunderclaps here and there, and there’s the smell of rain in the air. I don’t know if that’s ozone but it’s the smell of earth and leaves and as I’m writing these words, I can hear the raindrops falling.

If this were the 80s, I’d rush out and dance in the rain like I used to as a child. But we don’t do that sort of thing anymore. It’s not healthy or safe or whatever. Too many pollutants in the air or whatnot. Anyway, I can’t get my catheter wet.

If I didn’t have my catheter, though, I’d definitely dance in the rain.

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