This Summer’s Song

I was once amongst the waves

one of many slaves to the rhythm of the tides

and I danced to the beat of the beach

half-naked and part of the sublime

picture of which were the images of summer

and I was a child of sun, surf, sand, and sea.


That was me, long ago, until my body

faltered, broke down, out of kilter, kidney lost

and I needed a new blood filter, and rendered

land-locked and dry for a half year and then some

until I’ve become one who felt trapped more than free

imprisoned in this body which crashed because of my tendency

to excess and recklessness and the duress I put upon myself.


And I am sorry, for the sadness and the darkness

and I apologise that this is all I speak of and think of

and mull over and over and over and that I’ve forgotten

how to be a friend.


But this is not the end,

I’ve still got some fight left in me and this will just be

a blip in my history as I breathe in my second wind

and I’ll push myself further and further against all odds

and reclaim my seat amongst the gods

and I’ll find myself back at the beach,

my body scarred and bruised but all mended

and swimming once more, my friends at the shore,

and once again a part of a picture perfect summer.

3 thoughts on “This Summer’s Song

    • Yeah. It’s a personal thing with me. I’m always there for my friends and I’m always checking up on them; so this persona in the poem has “forgotten to be a friend” because he’s become selfish — he’s always just thinking about his pain and loss — and I thought that it worked in that sense.

      Thanks for pointing it out. I might have to look into that thought some more and make it clearer.

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