a $250 million movie

I’ve been thinking about movies a lot lately. I guess it’s having seen all the nine films of the recent CineFilipino (and really falling in love with Ned’s Project, Star Na Si Van Damme Stallone, and my favourite Kung Sakaling Hindi Makarating), and all the other films I’ve been watching since then. Then today, I left the house to finally go to the cinema again and all the cheaters were pretty much Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I could have watched Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis, but my current state won’t allow me to sit in a theater for 8 hours. It’s too dangerous and it gets uncomfortable and that movie is quite demanding, from what I gather.


Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck doing their best in a film that wasn’t told properly; such a waste

So I went to the cinema to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and all I could think of was this could’ve been a better movie. I could see it. I could see what Zack Snyder wanted to say and what he was trying to do but he just didn’t know how to tell that story; not in my opinion anyway. I had this fantastic way of doing that film but not that any producer would give me or my idea a chance because it’s so radical but if I had a chance at that budget, I could have made it the epic that it promised to be.

I could have made it the epic it could have been. All the elements were there. It just needed to be told properly.

Goodness! I heard the budget was a whopping 250 million US dollars. What I could do with that sort of money! How many movies could I make with that sort of money? The kind of stories I can tell.

I’m so used to working on such shoe-string budgets; always trying to find a way to keep my stories small so that they can maximise all the money we can get from our producers. I’ve gotten so used to working in that frame of mind. Keep it small, keep it contained so that we don’t spend too much.

I think I’d freak out if I was told to just write a script without even thinking about any sort of financial constraint. I’d go insane if someone said, “Wanggo, Brad Pitt wants to do a movie. Write him an epic!” I wouldn’t know what to do! I’m not used to thinking with that scope. I think I’ve gotten so interested in the internal because it is more cost-effective. My scripts and my storytelling is more geared towards working inwards.

What would happen if I really just let go?

A 250 million dollar movie. I read somewhere that the film has to earn over a billion US dollars just to make up for the cost of making the film. How do you make a movie with the intention of selling a billion dollars worth of movie tickets? My movies are always so small that all I care about is making it real and compelling for one person; that if I can reach and touch the life of just one person, I’d know I did good.

But to think of punching the moon? I’ve always dreamed of doing that.

And the whole point was not caring whether you hit it or not or that you even could. What was important was that you took the swing; that you tried.


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