The Millennial Experience | Jam Pascual | TEDxTaftAve

I’ll admit that I’ve always wanted to give a TED Talks. I can’t help it. I want to share what I know and what I’ve experienced and somehow, being invited to give a TED Talks would be some sort of signifier that I’ve done something or I know something good enough to be asked to come in front of an audience and talk about what I know and give it meaning. The whole idea, to my understanding, is that the TED Talks is meant to inspire and shift perspectives.

What a wonderful thought.

I actually had an opportunity last year to give one but I got sick and so I could have given a TED Talk on living with HIV but I was battling for my life because of kidney failure. Go figure. On that day, TED Talks x Taft Avenue, my good friend and my No Filter co-headwriter Jam Pascual spoke about “The Millennial Experience” and I was happy that he got to share his brilliance with the viewers of Ted Talks.

Take a look.

Of course, I’m thrilled to have been mentioned and to hear ideas that were stemmed from our play but Jam, being the brilliant thinker that he is, goes beyond that and brings it to another level and pierces through the veil of what we portrayed in our play and brought the idea home.

And, if I’m allowed to fanboy some more, I just love that his Spoken Word skills and talents add texture and rhythm to his talk. It’s always great to hear him speak.

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