Twice in a Row

I missed Kylie Minogue when she performed in Manila sometime around 2011. I think it was 2011. I was in Bacolod, recuperating from a near-death experience from meningitis, complications due to my HIV status. I had tickets already to that concert. I just had to fly to Manila (and I had already bought the plane tickets) and go to the concert, as planned, and fly back to Bacolod. I was recovering fine by this time. I probably wouldn’t have been able to dance back then but I would have enjoyed myself immensely.

I love Kylie Minogue.

I heard it was a smaller production than her usual shows but if I just got to hear her sing Love at First Sight live and feel the energy of the venue pulsate with the euphoria of everyone there, I probably would have found myself with strength enough to dance.

Several years later, Madonna arrives. Tonight is the first of two concerts she’s performing for in Manila. I already had tickets for tonight’s show. But I’m in Bacolod, with a PermCat on my chest and I am still being monitored. I could be there. I could have been there. I could have seen her perform.

I’ve been invested in Madonna’s music since I bought the cassette tape for Like a Prayer back in 1989. Over the years, I’ve been following her music until Hard Candy (which I didn’t like). I still think Ray of Light is a phenomenal album and is one of my top ten best albums of all time.

I would have loved to have heard her sing Secret or Bedtime Stories or Nothing Fails or Power of Good-Bye or Mer Girl or  Gone or X-Static Process but I saw the set list and while it’s mostly songs from her later albums, I would still have loved to have been there.

I’ve wanted to watch Madonna perform live for a very long time now.

Again, complications due to HIV. How ironic is that, huh? The first time I can remember becoming aware of HIV was from reading the liner notes of Just Like a Prayer and she had a whole page dedicated to HIV. Now she’s here and because of the virus, I am unable to catch her.

There’s nothing left to lose

There’s no more heart to bruise

There’s no greater power

Than the power of good-bye

Learn to say good-bye

I yearn to say good-bye

Power of Good-Bye by Madonna (from Ray of Light)


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