Coming full circle (Manila Bulletin)

This is an article I wrote about the dance/choreography duo Rhosam.Mia in Manila Bulletin. I wrote this some time ago but there was never enough space to put it out and it came last January and I didn’t even know. It wasn’t until the dancers themselves put it up on Facebook that I realised the article had already come out.


Rhosam Prudenciano and Mia Cabalfin working together for the first time in Kyoto back in 2012

Check out what I wrote about the amazing duo here:

Coming full circle (link / Manila Bulletin)

I always try my best to include works from dancers and choreographers when I can because they need the support that all the other artists get in equal measure. It’s so great that theatre is gaining so much more exposure now and more and more people are coming to watch the shows and the visual arts have been booming for almost ten years now. People have really gone out of their way to look at art (just look at Instagram regarding the recent Art Fair at the Link and the scores of people, young and old, who were there).

Dance is a beautiful, beautiful art form and what’s great about it is that it needs no understanding of any sort of language. Dance, in itself, is a language and anybody from any country can get something out of it. It’s visceral and strikes deep the way a really good poem does and it can be small and intimate or large and immense just like theatre.

I’m glad the article came out, even though it’s late. Dancers have to get their due and dancers like Rhosam Prudenciano and Mia Cabalfin are really amazing and they need their chance to be recognised and acknowledged for how brilliant they are.


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