Failing Forward by Curtismith (SoundCloud)

I’m not a fan of rap music but I met Mito Fabie while working on No Filter. He was a good friend of Lauren Young, one of her actresses in the play. He came to watch some of our rehearsals, saw several shows, and joined us in some of our cast parties. I discovered he was a rapper who called himself Curtismith.

I was shocked. He didn’t strike me as a rapper at all. But I was intrigued and when he released his Ideal Mixtape, I was so impressed. I don’t like rap but I thought what he was doing and his lyrics were really good.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.37.43 AM

Maybe I tried to get into rap the wrong way because I have a difficult time to hear the music of rap. I like Eminem and the production of Dr. Dre. I can hear what they are doing and how it’s musical. My other attempts at understanding rap just never really got me into the music.

But Curtismith, his stuff I get. I like his rhymes — his flow, if you will — and I really like his lyrics. The attitude is just right. I’m not alienated by it. It doesn’t seem foreign to me. It’s music.

He’s released his new EP, called Failing Forward (available to listen on SoundCloud), and it’s really good. Right now, after my first few listens, I’m really enjoying the song No Sleep. Go to the link and find out what I’m talking about.

It’s good. I can’t believe I’m listening to rap.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.31.08 AM


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