David Bowie tribute

I woke up and saw my friends live tweeting the Grammy awards. I’ve stopped taking the Grammy awards seriously the moment they nominated the Backstreet Boy’s song I Want You That Way for Best Song. Of all the magnificent songs that are put out every year, how could a song that doesn’t really mean anything get nominated for Best Song? It has a nice hook, for sure. It’s very radio-friendly and it’s great to sing along to but it doesn’t make any sense, lyrically.

At that point, I stopped caring and I just watch the performances when it stirs up a lot of talk or if it is by artists I like.

In the live tweets of my friends, I found out that Lady GaGa was going to do a David Bowie tribute and I had to see it. I like Lady GaGa and I think she’s an artist and getting her to do the tribute was a stroke of genius, I think. Looking for it on YouTube, though, I found this instead:

I have always loved Melissa Etheridge’s voice and style. I’ve not always been a big fan of her songs but when I like a song from her, I can go nuts. I’m the Only One is still one of my favourite songs of hers and I still sing it until now and her cover of The Weakness in Me.

Knowing she did a David Bowie tribute, I just had to listen to it and when she shared that lovely little story about him at the intro to the song, I was rendered so vulnerable. And then, she began playing and singing and I was floored.

What a beautiful version.

It’s selfish but I’m still sad over the loss of David Bowie. I could just imagine how many more great albums were still in him. I’m glad he’s found peace and that he’s up in the stars where he really belongs but I’m going to miss his music and his contributions to the world. He is an artist (present tense used purposely because his work is eternal, his spirit lives on).

I did finally see/hear the Lady GaGa tribute and while I thought she was great and her style and voice fit very well to the songs,  I wish she did just one or two songs and played them full rather than just do snippets. I thought she sounded great and her attack/approach to the songs were wonderful but I would have loved to have heard more of it. Instead, we see the scope of the work he’s done but not the full range of his genius in how he puts a song together. A mash-up of two or three songs would’ve been better than a medley.

But now I want to hear a Lady GaGa tribute album to David Bowie. I want her to choose twelve or thirteen songs from David Bowie and just record them and put it out there. That would be amazing.

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