Expiration Dates

Not even love

can bridge the gaps

when time has taken away

with greedy hands

that which you’ve admired

all these years.

Not even love.


For all its beauty

even flowers fall


after it reaches

full bloom.


They lie there, inert,

on the ground, trampled

by the passing feet of all

who walk by and unlike you

they do not see the tragedy

of this particular flowers

finite life span.


Only you because,

once upon a time,

you saw the sun and the rain

that nurtured the bud

until it bloomed.

Every raindrop and sun ray

reflected in the hues of the petals.


But not even love

can make that flower

grow after it has fallen

off the stem.

Love merely picks it up

and gently places it

inside the pages

of a book.


That’s all love can do.

We all have our expiration dates.


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