How dare you?

I read this today on my Facebook newsfeed. It was an article posted by quite a few people and the headline was Tito Sotto is not a Woman by Cha Coronel Datu. It talks about the Reproductive Health Law and how the Senators Loren Legarda and Tito Sotto has completely derailed it because of their ignorance and their insensitivity. For whatever reasons they find justifiable, they have ignored the plight of so many women who need access to proper healthcare and birth control options.

From the article:

Tito Sotto has instead decided on the options that can be made available to women like Elvie Ubod. Yes, Elvie Ubod, who at 40 years old is pregnant with her 10th child. Elvie does not want any more children. Her husband is a fisherman who makes about US$3 a day(1). Elvie and her husband simply cannot afford to feed and send their children off to school on this income and thus would have to rely on free contraceptives to ward off any more unwanted pregnancies. Between a packet of contraceptives and a bag of rice, guess what they would use their precious few pesos on instead. Talk about having options.


Photo taken from the article (credit given to The Philippine Daily Inquirer)

I really cannot abide by this stupidity. If I’m not mistaken, Tito Sotto has clung on to the extreme, fanatical religious reasoning of being against contraceptives. Maybe he really believes in it, or maybe he is getting money from the different religious institutions who want to have a say on our sexual lives (when they have no right to make any decisions about it), or for whatever other stupid reason he and Loren Legarda may have to jeopardise the work of a law that is already in place, they have insisted on their own beliefs and imposed this on everybody.

This is the reality of the Philippine situation: there are women out there who are so vulnerable to the consequences of ignorance and even though they know what it takes to protect themselves — and their bodies — and that of their future, the options for these protections are not being given to them. They are being marginalised by ignorant and insensitive people who refuse to look at the situation with facts and compassion.

From the article:

Elvie and Analesa; both women just want to catch a break. One wants some sort of respite from the already difficult life she lives with ten children in tow. The other dreams of better things to come for her much smaller brood. Tito Sotto and Loren Legarda won’t give them that.

Junice, Lina, Susan and Amina; all these women just want to be able to help more women and give them better access to quality reproductive health care and services. Tito Sotto and Loren Legarda would rather hang them out to dry.

We are always stuck with idiots in our government because we keep voting for these idiots. When will we learn? These people do not have our best interest in mind. They only have their own and their measly, ignorant view of the world and reality. And they impose on us through legislation. They make it legal. They are working within the system.

Let’s not give them a chance to influence the system anymore.

Tito Sotto is up for re-election. Can we please make him lose? Can we please talk about this more to the people who don’t have access to this article and tell them about the facts? The facts that people like Loren Legarda and Tito Sotto have the statistics, have the narratives of these women and still insist that their archaic beliefs should be imposed on the country while women who need reproductive healthcare are put at risk.

These are people’s lives. These are children’s lives that we are playing with here.

Read the full article here: Tito Sotto is not a Woman by Cha Coronel Datu (link)



2 thoughts on “How dare you?

  1. Thank you for spreading the message. May our little efforts, yours and mine, bring more converts to the cause. Tito Sotto needs to go. Or more women will suffer the consequences of his hypocritical views on human sexuality and reproductive health.

    • Thank you for writing it. It’s a powerful piece. Hopefully, people will finally learn to think for themselves and to stop this foolish act of voting only the people who come to mind.

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