there’s still a lot of good in the world

Heard so many awful stories lately about how crazy and ignorant and sinister this world has become recently. From articles I see on Facebook to the articles my Dad shares with us from things he read online, to the things my friends experienced first-hand.

Things about corruption and greed and criminal behaviour and hate crimes and some stories about HIV that’s just completely plausible if you think that people can get so low and you know that people can get that low.

But as we discuss it amongst ourselves, with my family over lunch or dinner, or with my friends on WhatsApp, I’ve come to cringe at the generalisations that usually come with these discussions.

And I’m guilty of this too. The world is breaking apart, I said in one WhatsApp thread. But the idealistic, optimistic side of me always finishes my thoughts. I hope that instead of just piecing back the pieces, I hope we just build something new from the ashes. Something better.

It’s my refusal to allow the bad dictate the rules of the game or to have any say in how I see this world.

So I wrote on Twitter less than an hour ago:

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.20.28 AM

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.20.45 AM.png

So many horrible things. Everyday and it gets worse. And the media has a lot to answer for, sharing every bit of depraved news for the hits, preying on the consumer’s poor taste and fascination of other people’s foibles. Digging up dirt on celebrities on what they do in their private lives, as if that’s anybody’s business.

Just because people buy it and people can make money off of it doesn’t mean it’s what the people should have. And so what if some celebrities want the attention, doesn’t mean you have to pander to them for it.

It’s called good taste.

And when major corporations own so many media outlets that they choose only the stories that get told to the world and slant it in a way that benefits the corporations.

Consumer culture feeds itself by creating more demand for the same old shit that we’ve forgotten how to be ourselves. And that’s another generalisation. I won’t edit that. Instead, I’ll correct it: some people have forgotten how to be themselves. There are people out there who don’t drink the Kool Aid. They do what they have to do to make the world around them a better place.

They hurt no one. They marginalise no one. They don’t disrespect anyone. They just do what they do. They just live their lives as best as they can with respect to their neighbours and they don’t subscribe to the programming of the people who run the world.

There’s anger inside me. I let it out in my poems and my writing. I do it here in this blog. I have fantasies in my head about getting back at the ignorant, the crazy, and the sinister. And then, when I face the world as me, I try to be happy and respectful and supportive of all that’s good.

Because that’s who I am. I am not letting this world change me.

There’s still a lot of good in this world. Let’s not ever forget that.



2 thoughts on “there’s still a lot of good in the world

  1. Great article! This is one of the reasons I got off of Facebook and will never get back on…ok, it took me 3 tries but I’m done. If I want to know what’s going on in someone’s life I’ll do the old fashion thing…pick up the phone or one step cooler…text them! I wish the media would stop running around screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” I blame them for most of the housing market bust in 2006 (yes, that’s when it all started and finished like a ton of bricks in 08). Why can’t we have a Utopia of sorts in the media, rose colored glasses…I’m not saying stick our heads in the sand and act like nothing was going on (Bernie Sanders) but just some, the World is a great place so get on with it…hey, maybe we can get together and create a News Paper with nothing but positive spins on all the negative vibes out there…I guess that’s what the internet/bloggers do and you are right…the negative ones get most of the attention…glad to see that there are still people out there that think like I do (most of the time)…the glass is half full and maybe that “look” that person just gave you wasn’t about you at all it was about them having a rough day so cut them some slack, let that person go ahead of you in traffic and smile, knowing you let someone get where they are going when they think they needed to be there…because, yelling at them while the window is up, yeah they don’t hear that and it only turns your world dark, not theirs because they are oblivious to the fact that they just cut you off…

    • I don’t mind the truth, I can handle the truth, but everything now is embellished and exaggerated to create some sort of reaction so that their articles go viral. And you know that just feeds on the corporate culture rather than make anyone’s lives better.

      Thanks for dropping a message and saying that you don’t subscribe to that thinking. Thank you and bless you.

      We need more of that in the world. 😊

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