Survival and Revenge: A Review of The Revenant (

I did it again. I wrote for Juice again. It’s good to be back and to be writing again. It’s exhilarating to know that I’m still welcome and that I can still work while recuperating here in Bacolod.

Today, I wrote a review of The Revenant. It’s a powerful film, brutal and immense, but with a simple story. It’s a revenge story, one long chase sequence, that tests the physical and emotional limit of one man. But the film is also a poem.

Read my review here: Survival and Revenge: A Review of The Revenant (link / Juice)


A still shot from The Revenant with cinematography by the always excellent Emmanuel Lubezki

Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally win the Academy Award? He deserves one, for sure, several awards already for his immense body of work. From The Wolf of Wall Street to Blood Diamond, from Catch Me If You Can to J. Edgar. For Revolutionary Road, if anything else. Leonardo DiCaprio has given great performances time and time again.

The Revenant doesn’t exactly show his range and his deftness at creating complex characters and making them so believable and compelling that you can’t stop watching them. He does it for The Revenant, but the character he plays, Hugh Glass, is very single minded in his pursuit for vengeance. The character, in itself, and what he does in the movie is not so compelling as what DiCaprio has to do as an actor to portray the stunts that was required of him for the movie. I wish he won it for The Wolf of Wall Street. But if he wins it for this, no one can say he never deserved one.

But again, the Academy Awards is in the habit of awarding actors and roles, not always performances.

But it’s a thrilling film, nonetheless, and the fact that its structure is more poem than narrative struck me very strongly. It shows that Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu is a visionary director and I’m so glad that he has already won for Birdman.

And having Tom Hardy in the film is just the true treasure, for me, because you know how much I adore Tom Hardy.


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