Tabang: After Principal Photography


Some members of the cast — Bing Motus, Mandy Alimon, Chart Motus, Tanya Lopez — one of the directors and myself at the cast party watching a performance from the Art Department

Principal photography for Tabang finished last Sunday and we had a cast party the following evening. The whole crew, cast, and the many people who have helped us put this film together, and our loved ones came to celebrate a job well done. Considering the amount of work that went into the short film, three days of non-stop work, it was a good way to cap off filming and to celebrate having shared each other’s artistry for the production on what we all hope is a real Ilonggo/Bacolod film.

The following day after the party, my Dad just pretty much fainted and rested in his room. He is old and not in the shape that he used to be to fully engage in that sort of demanding work schedule. And then yesterday, we continued catching up on films and television shows that we were planning to see and which occupies most of our days.

We wait as the editor starts piecing together the material and choose from the hundreds of shots they filmed to put together a first-edit before we come in to fix things.

My Dad asked me to join him in the editing and I plan to be cruel and mean. In my head, I see the film shorter, faster and I have this strange feeling my Dad has a different perspective in telling this story. It’s his film, for sure, but since I’ve been invited to be a part of the editing process, I’m definitely going to try and insist on keeping the film terse and quick.

My Dad has confessed that he is still a traditional filmmaker and, since I’m not a director, I feel more open to the more current styles of story-telling. Maybe that push-and-pull of styles might create a tension that will serve the film better.

But at the end of the day, it’s his and I can only advise.

The film won’t be shown until June for CinemaRehiyon in Naga City so there’s a lot of time. There’s a lot of time.


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