Post Modern Sleaze (Sneaker Pimps, YouTube video)

So the other day, I woke up and remembered the song Post Modern Sleaze by Sneaker Pimps. It was more the phrase that I remembered but I knew immediately I got it from Sneaker Pimps, from their phenomenal album Becoming X and I started singing along and I went on YouTube to look at the video again.

I forgot how much I loved that album. I bought Becoming X after seeing the video of Spin Spin Sugar on MTV and it was my first taste of trip-hop but this was the mid-90s, I think and I still bought cassette tapes at the time. I don’t have a CD of it.

I remembered loving that album and so I went online and bought the album off of iTunes.

For some strange reason, the songs are hitting me in a particular way. There’s a toughness to the music and the beats and the confidence in the way that Kelli Ali would sing the songs. There was so much attitude that I’m resonating with right now.

I hope these adjectives I’m using to describe their music would somehow filter through into my new work as a writer.

But I have to accept these resonances as significant guideposts to where I should head out towards on my literary journey. There’s much to learn and much to take in. Going back to a 1994 album seems like a good place to build a foundation from.

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