Back to the Current

I didn’t know how low one could go to find out

what was at the bottom of one’s wellspring. It was

a thing I had to see for myself but I got caught

up in the swim, marvelling at the depths, enjoying

the dim light underneath, seeing the rim of the well

so far away, it made me think of something I could long for

while I was close to the origin of me.


I had forgotten that I was already there, that I dove in, that this

was a return to my beginning and not an expedition

to some undiscovered realm.


But thirty years or so has made who I was appear as someone

so strange and foreign that I felt I had to tear in to what I was

to know who I am. But here, in these depths I’ve lost

my way back to the current and must slide into underground caverns

back into the sea where the ocean of endless possibility awaits me.


From the wellspring, it’s a fixed route back to the middle.

And the middle, really, is where I should be.

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