still at the thick of things

I’m working on a short film now. And based from my post yesterday, I might have something in Manila that I have half a year to work on that I’m super excited about, and then I have my own personal writing to do.


Taken during the No Filter 2.0 stage set-up and first technical rehearsal at the Spotlight PowerMac Centre at Circuit Makati

But I also got word yesterday that some artists want to work with me here. There’s definitely influences from my father at work but they wouldn’t have asked me to come aboard if they didn’t think I could do the work. They have my Dad. They didn’t need to bring me and get me involved if they didn’t believe in me too. So that makes me feel unbelievably good and I’m excited to be working on a regional project.

A chance to write for regional theatre. Whatever I write will be translated to Ilonggo but I’m not selfish and I’m excited to have my work translated into the language of my birthplace. I love sharing credit and I love working with dedicated artists. I love collaboration.

And it’s for the theatre. It’s great to still be doing work for it after I got a taste of it when I worked on No Filter. There’s nothing like an experience in the theatre. To be working in the theatre again is such a dream and an honour.

There’s so much creative potential with the conditions of my life right now that I didn’t see at first when I first got here. Of course, when I got here, I was fighting for my life. Now, a real life has begun to emerge from the ashes of the former life I had that was burned down.

I said in yesterday’s post that my life here in Bacolod has begun. I’m going to be alive again — and everything that that word entails — and I’m excited for it. I need this. This is life. This is living. HIV, dialysis, getting stronger but hand-in-hand with being a part of a community, being a part of something, and still contributing to the process and the act of creation.

I have so much to be thankful for. I am grateful. I am very, very grateful.

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