a call from Manila

Well, it wasn’t really a call… but all the same…

This morning, I got a message on my Facebook. Something I had spoken about in passing, an idea I mentioned helping out a friend, and now the follow up has come in and things have been set in motion.


Taken in Iloilo around June 2014; again, this post isn’t about a literal call but the implications are still the same (it’s a metaphor, get it!)

We chatted quite a bit and a lot of ideas were shared and now it seems I might have a big project that I can do from here for Manila that might have a big impact for one of the fields with which I’m very, very invested in.

I would be needing to get in touch with someone in Manila to do all the legwork and administrative work there and to represent the project to potential investors or partners but most if not all the creative work will be done by myself here in Bacolod.

If I can get this off the ground and get it moving, it will be a sort of gift to a field that I’m extremely invested and entrenched in and it will be the start of something potentially wonderful for an artistic community.

I’ll talk about it more soon when things start to materialise. Right now, I’m just glad to know that even from here, I’m still at the thick of things.

And, to make the call imagery work, I made a call after the chat on Facebook that is getting things in motion. So there was a call but not from Manila but from me to Manila. So there.

And other news as well, it seems.

My life in Bacolod has begun.

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