Sonata screening at Manila Cinematheque on January 8

Sonata, a film I wrote and directed by my Dad and Lore Reyes back in 2013, will be screening at the Manila Cinematheque on January 8.


Cherie Gil in Sonata; the film will have a screening on January 8 at the Manila Cinematheque

I found out from this article from Film Police Reviews. Check it out.

Co-produced by the Film Development Board of the Philippines (FDCP), Sonata still manages to find a way to keep showing up in festivals and screenings and it’s nice to know the film has found some continued longevity after its appearance when it first appeared three years ago.

It has made its rounds showing in several countries already and was nominated for quite a few awards at last year’s Asian International Film Festivals and Awards (AIFFA) in Malaysia where Cherie Gil won the Best Actress.

If I may brag, I was nominated for Best Screenplay at the AIFFA and if I may brag just a little further, that’s a big honour because the AIFFA judges Asian films within a two year period. So we were competing with films from 2013 and 2014 and of all the Asian films that the AIFFA viewed, my film was one of the nominees for script and best film, amongst others like Production Design and Cinematography (if I’m not mistaken) and Cherie Gil won the award. That’s a lot of films to compete against and all from different countries around Southeast Asia.

It’s a big, big honour.

The Manila Cinematheque will also be showing many classic Filipino films as well as some international films as well for the month of January so you might want to check out the schedule (in the article above and posted below) but if you have time, please catch Sonata. It would mean so much to me if people got to see it.



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