what is between us

I’ve gathered


and adorned your hair with them,

all sparkling, shining,

the celestial radiance  of them all

call upon the comets and cosmic gasses

to come back to us and celebrate

the electricity that charges

the air–


the air we take in our bodies

the air we breathe in to enrich our blood

the air that bridges all our whispered secrets


–between your lips

and my heart.

Only starlight can come in-between

for walls shatter and break

when they come between

and try to impede us,

and try to divide us,

and try to keep us,

(well they can try)

because the charged air

has the force of a sledgehammer

at full velocity of desire and love.


Nothing remains standing and true

against the force of desire and love.


These are not declarations.

These are my gifts

with opened hands, an open heart

but you know this

I whispered all this to you

on a Tuesday…


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