snail mail

I got a greeting on one of my social media accounts from a good friend, a friend of the family’s, and she just moved to Manila from Baguio and I remarked how I was on opposite life trajectory — leaving Manila for the province — and we laughed.

It was good to hear from her again.

She then asked for my mailing address because she wanted to send me postcards. She told me she wanted to write handwritten notes and send them through snail mail because nobody does it anymore and she kind of misses it.

I immediately perked up and asked for her mailing address and told her I would do the same.


I asked my Dad if he had postcards that he was just hoarding but didn’t know what to do with and he gave me these and I’m starting to send out snail mail again

I always seem to have all these really lovely postcards or notes with great artwork or designs on them but I never use them because, one, e-mail or sending messages online is just way faster; two, my handwriting has suffered greatly from lack of use; and three, because the artwork is so gorgeous, it seems like a such a shame to part with them.

But the truth is, they just end up in some cabinet or shelf and I never see them again. It’s such a waste. So I rummaged through my room here in Bacolod but I couldn’t find any of the postcards or cards that I’ve been hoarding (are they in Manila or did I throw them away already?) and so I asked my Dad if he had any and he gave me a whole bunch.

So I started messaging some friends and asked them for their complete mailing address; so I can start sending them snail mail. I chose four for my first salvo. It was tough. I wasn’t used to writing by hand anymore and I was getting turned off by my own handwriting but I kept going until I finished the first four letters.

I included one of my Twitter poems, a different one for each person, just so that it had a feel of being unique (though I did mention that it was first published on Twitter).

It felt nice and I think this is something I would like to try and continue throughout next year, especially if I end up having to stay here.


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