post World AIDS Day thoughts

I wasn’t able to write anything new for World AIDS Day yesterday because… you know what? I don’t know why I couldn’t. It’s weird to have to write about World AIDS Day when you aren’t at the front lines anymore. Usually, I’d have a few events already scheduled and I’ve been doing extra research and getting myself psyched up for the talks I’ll be doing that I have so much to say and now that I’m in Bacolod, resting, trying to get better, thinking about fistulas and kidney repair that I had nothing to say.

On Twitter, I just ended up recycling old World AIDS Day posts. The message was still clear. It was still, pretty strong. The things I’ve been saying since 2008 are still relevant and they are still the same messages I want to say in 2015. The discussion hasn’t changed. We’re still at the infancy of our battle. We haven’t made huge strides yet with Philippine society. We’re still gathering data and it’s bleak.

But all of that aside, I did write something for Manila Bulletin last week. It’s coming out in Panorama this December 6, Sunday, and I submitted an essay and a poem. And I think both are getting published.


Panorama, cover, December 6 I have an essay and a poem there; hope you grab a copy and I hope you like what I wrote

Yeah, there’s still a lot to say and a lot that can be done but right now. I’m at a loss for words. I’m living the challenges in a big way. I’m trying to save my kidneys. I’m learning the folly of recklessness all over again. It will make whatever words I will write on World AIDS Day seem hollow unless it’s written in the tone of defeat.

The Panorama article has a tinge of it but it’s also written with a lot of gratitude. I’m kinda proud of it.

And the poem. That was written awhile back and I just refined it and revised it for publication and it’s ready and it’s strong and it’s more what I would like people to read. It’s more confident and written when I was more sure of myself.

I was stronger then. That’s what I would like people to read. I hope you grab a copy.

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