Remnants On Sale for the month of December

In celebration of World AIIDS Day tomorrow (December 1), I’m putting my book on sale. I don’t know. It just seems like the right thing to do. I didn’t think it was an HIV book or a collection of HIV poems or whatever. I thought I was writing outside of that, the life I lead outside of HIV, but as I read John Toledo’s review of my book, it has become clear to me that Remnants is about HIV.

So, in celebration of World AIDS Day, I am going to put my book out on sale for the whole month of December.

Remnants Sale

So I’d really love it if you could get a copy and read my story and my poems and write a review on Kobo or Amazon or Flipside/Flipreads to help people make a decision whether they want to get the book or not.

You can get the book at these online retailers and they will be $ 0.99 for the whole month of December:

Flipreads: Remnants by Wanggo Gallaga (link)

Amazon: Remnants by Wanggo Gallaga (link)

Kobo: Remnants by Wanggo Gallaga (link)

Apple/iTunes: Remnants by Wanggo Gallaga (link)

Google Play: Remnants by Wanggo Gallaga (link)

Barnes & Noble: Remnants by Wanggo Gallaga (link)

Thanks so much and I hope you get a copy and leave me a review and learn more about the human side of living with HIV. It’s the most personal way I know how to help the advocacy. I’ve been sharing my story since World AIDS Day 2008 and this is just the continuing extension of that.

So thank you and I hope that on World AIDS Day tomorrow, you take the time to learn more about HIV and how to protect yourself and the people around you from HIV and AIDS.


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