Free HIV screening with Love Yourself on November 29

So, let’s get serious about our HIV status, why don’t we?

World AIDS Day is coming up on December 1 and it’s always a good time to ask ourselves: what have we done to stop the rise of HIV infections in our immediate circle/vicinity? Because you may not be at risk but, for sure, someone you know and maybe even care about could be at risk. And with the continuing rise of HIV infections being discovered every month, your friends may be vulnerable.

Let’s not overestimate how careful they are being or how smart they are; when it comes to sex and/or love, people can be really dumb and reckless.

TPMT profile pic BIENSo, on November 29, at Victoria Court North EDSA, Love Yourself is conducting a free HIV screening because, well, someone has got to make it easy for you to get yourselves tested. I’ve worked with Love Yourself several times and they have always conducted themselves professionally and they really, truly care about keeping people safe and protected.

Register at their website and take advantage now. They will protect your identity and respect your privacy and they have always conducted themselves with professionalism and with great care.

Here is the website for more information and details:

Ito and Tamang Panahon: Join the LoveYourself Free HIV Screening Day on November 29 (link)

Click on that link please if you aren’t sure, if you have any measure of a doubt about how safe you might have been. Or send that link to someone who might be at risk.

Because HIV is a serious thing and knowing your status is extremely important in the battle against HIV and AIDS.


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