An interview with This Is Our Youth director Topper Fabregas (

It took me a lot longer to get this article out than I would have liked. Being sick/injured/incapacitated means that I’m not working at peak efficiency. I guess I’m not supposed to be working at all; I mean, isn’t that what resting is supposed to mean? Not working? But I can’t stand being unproductive and so I thought that I may not be able to do a review but at least I could do an interview with the creative mind behind the Red Turnip Theater production with the hopes of raising awareness for their last weekend.

But I didn’t make the deadline; but Juice was just so happy to get material from me, they released it anyway and made some adjustments to make a sort of post-event article instead. Bless my editors at Juice!

Here is the article: An interview with This Is Our Youth director Topper Fabregas (link /


Jef Flores, Cindy Lopez, Nicco Manalo of Red Turnip Theater’s This Is Our Youth

I really wanted to catch this show. It’s the first Red Turnip Theater show that I’ve missed. I’ve seen them all. I am already missing Secret Garden and I didn’t catch Trumpets’ Horse and His Boy and the photos of the show looked amazing.

I can’t stand it. And here I am, trying my best to do some sort of work to help promote the shows and I can’t even do that properly. Mind and body moving at a snail’s pace.

Rest. How can you when your whole life, you’ve programmed yourself to be productive? It’s going against how I raised myself to be; how I built my life to be.

But that’s how it is. That was my youth. This is theirs, and I am missing it all.

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