Advice (protection)



…do not articulate, do not

give yourself away;




or give up

what you know


you do not make yourself


or open yourself up to their scrutiny

they have no right

to lay their eyes, fire and brimstone,

on your skin,

not even your fallen hair

or that tear you left behind

two years ago

in a paper cup


…they do not understand

the flight of birds, or why

the salmon swim up the waterfall;

they do





of the desire to climb against a current,

how passion

is fuel

is the vehicle

is the driver,

the navigator,

and the destination


you do



shield it from them

that’s your treasure,

that’s yours to keep


secret it

away from them

from their jealousy

their unmistakeable hunger and need


because if they see

gravity’s pull as a rule of law, as the way

things are and should be

then they don’t have a say


on how you choose

to fly.


(For Jasmine Curtis-Smith)


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