my CD collection

Being home again in Bacolod means I have access to my CD collection — probably the only thing I’ve ever collected and it ranges from the first CD I’ve ever bought (the Reality Bites soundtrack back in the early 90s) all the way to 2006 or 2007 when I was still buying CDs but slowly transitioning to downloading mp3s off the Internet.

I had to leave it all in Bacolod, over 600 CDs collected over time from all over the world when I came back to Manila in 2012 to start working again. Now that I’m back, I have access to them again and I started listening to them one by one.

Some of the first CDs from my collection that I picked up, dusted off, and began listening to

Some of the first CDs from my collection that I picked up, dusted off, and began listening to

Surprisingly, I’ve been listening to a lot of the original Filipino music CDs. I picked up Barbie’s Cradle and their eponymous debut album, which I’ve always loved. Songs like Go, Pag-alis, The Dance, and Healing are just as good as I remember them. I have the 2-in-1 Series double CD of Color It Red and their first two albums. I was listening mostly to their debut album Hand-Painted Sky with songs like Pass-Her-By-Girl, I Need You Here, It’s Called Love, and of course, Paglisan. I also listened to Kitchie Nadal and I had to put the song Fire in my iTunes.

I still have Session Road there and two albums of Viktoria, one of Reggae Mistress, and I have a Rivermaya album in there somewhere.

Interestingly enough, several years later and I’m still collecting OPM records but this time its bands like Cheats and artists like Curtismith. Some things never change.

And then of course there are the Kate Bush albums but I ripped most of the songs from the CDs into my computer.  When I got here, I ripped some additional songs that I hadn’t ripped from before. Then there are some songs from old, 90s singers who weren’t even one-hit wonders like Rebekah or one-hit wonders whose albums I love like Merril Bainbridge. I had originally just wanted to rip Under the Water but I ended up ripping the entire debut album The Garden because it’s that good.

Over the course of my stay here, I can go back to my Aimee Mann CDs and Sarah McLachlan CDs. Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac, Tanita Tikaram, Fiona Apple, and many more.

I’ve come home. I’ll be processing new music much slower than before now. I’m going retro all over again for the first few months while I’m here.

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