So I haven’t written here in a while but I have a good reason: I was in the hospital again for something really, really serious. It was so serious that in less than 24 hours, after my consultation with my doctor and going over my labs and diagnostics, I found myself on a plane to Bacolod — ultimately missing out on the last weekend of No Filter 2.0!!! — and before I could even get settled into my room in Bacolod, I was in another hospital room talking about the possibilities for me.

Everything happened so fast that it still really hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m in Bacolod now and that I’m going to be here for a very long time and my whole life is going to change again in a very, very big way.

I’m just getting all my ducks in a row and settling down and I’ll lay everything down here because I have to make a big announcement.

That’s the thing about being one of the few people who are public about their HIV status in the Philippines — my health is a matter of importance and relevance to people — and I have to make these statements. It helps people to know what’s going on with me and how I’m doing.

Yeah, I have to make an announcement — an official statement, if you will — because the World AIDS Day Celebration is coming up and I’m going to be here for a long, long while.


My Dad’s garden has turned lush, verdant, and wild and it’s so gorgeous and some of those plants I planted with my own two hands three years ago

Honestly, if I don’t see the inside of another hospital for a while, I’ll be the happiest person in the world. But more on that tomorrow after I get settled.

Right now, it’s nice to be home in Bacolod. My Dad’s garden is gorgeous and I can hear the rustling of the trees as the wind passes by. My room is warm with the heat of the sun and breezy. It’s the best room in the whole house, if I may say so. And it’s surrounded by green and I can see the garden right outside my window.

There isn’t much of that in Manila where I live and all I have are three little pots of what my Dad calls potos or water plants. Those three plants are now with my brother and sister-in-law and cared for while I’m here and in this house, I’m surrounded by all this green.

How conducive to writing, if you ask me.

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