Super Typhoon Lando (Super Typhoon Koppu) makes landfall

And yet another super typhoon makes landfall in the Philippines’ area of responsibility. Almost every year now, the country gets hit by a super typhoon of massive proportions. The Global Warming/Climate Change denialists can say this isn’t at all caused by the amount of pollutants we’ve put into the air but I’m one to believe that whether or not it’s true, I’m sure it sped up the process one way or another. The super typhoons come and they come frequently now.

(Taken from a photo posted on Facebook) Super typhoon Kuppo (local name: Lando) makes landfall in northern Philippines

(Taken from a photo posted on Facebook) Super typhoon Kuppo (local name: Lando) makes landfall in northern Philippines

Here in my condo in the nation’s capital of Metro Manila, it’s barely raining but the winds are intense and my windows shake from its ferocity. I’m pretty high up, 23 stories up, and I can barely see the horizon. It’s a grey sky with no patch of blue; just rain clouds covering the entire heavens and the howling of the wind.

It’s probably worse up north in the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela and Aurora where the super typhoon has made its landfall. I’m only experiencing the outer edges of this monster. I can’t imagine what it would be like up there where the storm signal warnings are as high up at #5 or even #6 (if I’m not mistaken) and they are to expect storm surges and mudslides.

We’ve barely recovered from Haiyan/Yolanda where most of the people affected are still displaced and my government has fucked up their rehabilitation despite the massive amounts of money donated from various charities and foreign aid and now we’re back here again, another part of the country ravaged by yet another super typhoon.

I’m all alone at home but I’m pretty well-stocked here for the long haul if need be and I’ll be okay. I’m worried about everybody else, especially those directly in the path of the storm.

We were to have two shows today for No Filter 2.0. But the official word is that the matinee show is already cancelled but the 8pm is still pushing through unless the weather gets worse.


I hate this. I mean, I know it’s such a whiny thing to do: complain about not being able to stage our play today while the northern part of the country might be ravaged by a freakish, super-typhoon storm. But if you think about the possibility that Climate Change and Global Warming is real, and that this was caused by all the pollutants we’ve done to the Earth, that this could have been avoided thirty or forty years ago if people just worked towards a greener, more ecologically friendly technology-based developments, that this might have been avoided.

There are a number of theories and articles that talk about how the oil industry is preventing electric cars and automobiles that run on fuel to be made available on the market because it would kill the oil companies. So much money is being made on oil despite how damaging it is for the environment. There so much lobbying going on for coal power plants despite the fact that solar, wind, and water power plants, when used effectively, can provide as much energy and with less damage to our environment.

At the end of the day, it is greed, isn’t it? Illegal logging, coal power plants, car manufacturers (like Volkswagen who just admitted they faked emission testing on over 11 million units), mining, and all the wheeling and dealing and lobbying to make sure things like electric or water-powered cars are not made available to the population. Instances like that. And where there are corrupt men and women in government who would accept so much money just to make sure legislation is passed that would protect these greedy bastards through the law or stop legislation that would be damaging to their business.

I really don’t get it. I just don’t fucking get it. How much money does any one person or corporation need? And in exchange for what? The world is dying and it’s changing — weather patterns have shifted and they have turned to the extreme and species are dying out — and we aren’t stopping it. Half the world’s population are helping it die faster.

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

And as I’m typing this, the northern part of my country is brutally ravaged by a super typhoon and it won’t be the last one. We’ll probably have to go through this again next year, or maybe again before the year ends. I just don’t get it. Where’s the foresight? Where’s the long term plan of these men in power? What’s the point of all your riches and your power when you’re the king of a desolate, barren, and inhospitable world?

Fucking idiots.

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